If the World was Upside Down - 2008


Joe West always amazes me. Working on a "Children's Album" concept for years he finally got around to making one Joe West style. This album will be as much fun for the parents as it is for the kiddies you can be sure!

If the World Was Upside Down
by Joe West
1. If the world was upside down (3:41)
2. My Grandma (3:06)
3. the ballad of patch eye & meg (written by Michelle Shocked)(2:47)
4. Dump trucks and tractors (3:58)
5. On the banks of the rio grande(written by James Hart)(3:39)
6. anita pita (2:36)
7. veronica rose the flying unicorn (2:57)
8. robots of rayleen (4:37)
9. don't forget to brush your teeth (3:04)
10. homeade rocket to the moon (4:48)
11. the end (2:50)

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