Sweet Things - 1998



THIS CD has been OUT OF PRINT since 2001 - I HAVE a couple of ORIGINALS left. ThaMuseMeant put alot of blood, sweat and tears into this classic album. It was recorded at Santa Fe Sound Works in 1997 and is a High Sierra Records release. The band spent a tireless month working everyday and night. The result was a record that opened many doors for them in the years to come.

Fool Proof Poof,
Nothin' Like Lovin',
If I was a Cat,
Sweet Things,
Man with Saleable Eyes,
Good Song,
Sweet Corrina,
Why You Takin' the Moon?,
Hey Hey Hey,
Innocent Again,
I Love You (oh well),
Leaving Denver,
Day of People,
Cloudy Skies & Paper Wings

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